PAPIs Europe 2018 has ended
PAPIs is the 1st series of international conferences dedicated to real-world ML applications, techniques and tools. After 7 previous events on 4 different continents, PAPIs is returning to Europe on 4-6 April 2018. Join us at the Canary Wharf Tower in London!

  • Training Workshops — 4 April, UCL School of Management (Level 38)
  • Industry and Startups — 5 April, Level 39
  • Industry and Research — 6 April, Level 39

More information about the conference at papis.io/europe-2018
avatar for Anika Mukherjee

Anika Mukherjee

University of Ottawa
MSc. Health Sciences
Ottawa, Canada
After graduating with a BSc. Biomedical Sciences in 2016 from the University of Ottawa (distinction: magna cum laude) and interning with medical data science startup company Deski, Anika was well equipped to begin her project developing medical diagnostic tools using machine learning. Anika started with a background in purely basic sciences with goals of studying medicine, but developed a passion for working with data and computers after successfully developing an analytics tool for budget and labour allocation during a student job with the Public Health Agency branch of the federal government. Ever since, her goal has been to apply machine learning to all sorts of medical datasets to find trends and create applications that may assist diagnosis. Anika's ambition is focused on creating a positive impact on the Canadian healthcare system in the long-term and she believes this project is a firm step in the right direction. She fells really fortunate for being studying in an interdisciplinary program that allows the union of fundamental skills in biomedical sciences with her newly acquired skills in computer science.