PAPIs Europe 2018 has ended
PAPIs is the 1st series of international conferences dedicated to real-world ML applications, techniques and tools. After 7 previous events on 4 different continents, PAPIs is returning to Europe on 4-6 April 2018. Join us at the Canary Wharf Tower in London!

  • Training Workshops — 4 April, UCL School of Management (Level 38)
  • Industry and Startups — 5 April, Level 39
  • Industry and Research — 6 April, Level 39

More information about the conference at papis.io/europe-2018
avatar for Jose Antonio Ortega Ruiz

Jose Antonio Ortega Ruiz

BigML Inc
Barcelona, Spain
Jao is part of the founding team of BigML, a startup that applies Machine Learning and other AI techniques to make them accessible to non-specialists. He was hacking for Oblong from 2008 to early 2011. Before that, he worked for Google (from July 2007). From June 2005 to May 2007, he worked on embedded software development for the scientific payload of LISA Pathfinder. He was a theoretical physicist in a previous life, and wrote a Ph. D. thesis on gravitational wave detectors. He also got a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Between 2003 and 2005, he taught courses on programming and computer networks at the Universitat Autonoma of Barcelona, where he was part of the mobile agents research group.